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Food Hygiene Training


Kursus asub 100% e-õppe keskkonnas. Liitudes kursusega saad omale kasutajanime ja parooli, millega saad õppekeskkonda sisse logida. Materjalidele pääsed ligi igal pool, kus on olemas internetiühendus.

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NB! Vaata põhjalikumat kirjeldust allpool!


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Food Hygiene Training

Our food hygiene course is a 100% internet-based course. You will get all the necessary knowledge about food hygiene from this course, and after completing the course we will also issue a corresponding certificate!

Language of study

The total amount of study
5 academic hours

Description of the learning environment
Internet-based learning environment located on the website learning environment
If the learner is granted access to the course, the learner has access to the learning environment 24/7 until the training is completed.

Course content:

Topic 1: Principles of food hygiene
Topic 2: Microorganisms
Topic 3: Foodborne diseases
Topic 4: Food contamination
Topic 5: Food preservation
Topic 6: Food preparation, food packaging and labelling
Topic 7: Cleaning and disinfection
Topic 8: Pest control
Topic 9: Food handler’s hygiene
Topic 10: Principles of self-control
Topic 11: Legislation


Everyone who completes the course will receive a certificate. We will send the certificate by e-mail after passing the test.

NB! If more than 5 people from the same company need to complete a food hygiene course, write to to get a quote